Why The Anunnaki Mined Gold In Africa

The Ancient Astronaut Theory claims that Anunnaki Ancient Astronauts built mines to mine Gold in Southern Africa in the Ancient past.

However, Sitchin’s Theory doesnt explain why Gold was so important to the Anunnaki that the Anunnaki had to establish Gold Mines in Africa to obtain Gold.

The second issue that is relevant is why as a technologically advanced Alien Civilization, the Anunnaki didnt just manufacture the Gold or harvest it from asteroids instead of the Anunnaki establishing Gold Mines in Africa resulting in the need to manipulate Hominid DNA to create a Slave Species of human gold miners rather than simply building robots or using AI to mine the Gold needed by the Anunnaki. 

Why did The Annunaki Want Gold?

According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the Anunnaki need for Gold that led to Gold Mines in Africa came about because of changes on the Anunnaki Home Planet Nibiru.

In his book The 12th Planet, Zechariah Sitchin claims that the atmosphere on the Anunnaki Planet Nibiru was deteriorating and a possible solution to the problem may have been to suspend Gold particles in Nibiru’s atmosphere in order to repair it by adding a new layer of fine Gold particles.

This would be quite similar to our own science of Geo-Engineering and may also mirror other processes for Planetary atmospheric manipulation that we now contemplate such as the atmospheric manipulation that would be required for the succesful terraforming of Mars.

Why Did The  Anunnaki Not Just Manufacture The Gold Instead Of  Mining The Gold Here?

Even if the Anunnaki needed Gold to repair Nibiru’s atmosphere, it still doesnt explain why the Anunnaki built Gold Mines instead of simply manufacturing it as a technologically advanced Alien Civilization.

There is no clear answer explaining why  the Anunnaki chose to build Gold Mines instead of simply manufacturing it, but one of the possibilities that can be considered is that manufacturing may not have produced the required amounts, and it was preferable to work with natural deposits on Gold Mines even if they were off-Planet. 

For this reason, Gold Mines to extract the extensive natural African Gold deposits may have been the best option available to the Anunnaki.

Why Not Mine Gold From Asteroids Instead Of Mining The Gold?

Whilst Gold can be found in Asteroids, once again it seems possible that the amounts may not have been enough for the needs of the Anunnaki on Nibiru. Its also possible that the Anunnaki did actually mine Asteroids for Gold as this possibility is not excluded by the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

It seems that Gold Mines were the best option for the Anunnaki because of the vast quantities that could be found in one location coupled with an atmosphere in gravity which permitted the set up of mechanized mining rigs that could be operated for a considerable length of time in a habitable Earth environment.

Why Manipulate DNA to Create Human Miners Instead of Building Robots To Mine The Gold?

Texts like the Lost Book Of Enki demonstrate that the Anunnaki initially attempted to mine Gold from the waters of the Mediterrenean using the Technology aboard their Ships. Its only when the quantities proved insufficient that the Anunnaki resorted to mining for Gold.

Why Gold Was Important To The Anunnaki


According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the labour force on the Anunnaki Gold Mines were initially a group of Anunnaki called the Igigi. Its been suggested that the Igigi may have been Androids but there is no proof of this.

Nevertheless, its only when the Igigi revolted due to the demanding nature of of the work involved in the Anunnaki Gold Mines that the decision was made to create a Primitive worker using the Hominid Genes of Homo Erectus and fusing them with Anunnaki DNA so the new worker could be intelligent enough to understand Anunnaki education and instructions as the new labour force used on the Anunnaki Gold Mines.

So its clear that the Anunnaki did not arrive on Earth with the intention of creating the Primitive Worker. It was an unexpected development after the rebellion of the Igigi who were initially planned as the labour force to be used on the Anunnaki Gold Mines according to the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis.

The Anunnaki Gods probably wanted to limit their activities to the Gold Mining in Africa but the creation of Humans forced them to become more involved in the affairs of Earth than they intitially intended. 


In the final analysis, whilst the Ancient Astronaut Theory remains contested, the foundation of the Theory stating that the Anunnaki established Gold Mines to obtain Gold Off-World in order to save their own Planet from an Environmental catastrophe using the technology at their disposal is interesting in light of the fact that our own Planet is faced with similar Environmental problems.

We are presently searching for ways to use the technology at our disposal to either save our home Planet or build a new home elsewhere.

The building of Mines to mine Gold in Southern Africa by the Anunnaki Ancient Astronauts also had the unintended consequence of the creation of the Primitive Worker and ultimately, the introduction of Civilization as a means of addressing the demand for greater Anunnaki involvement on Earth in managing the Primitive Worker whilst at the same time ensuring that their objective for coming to Earth in the first place i.e. obtaining the Gold from their Gold mines was fulfilled.

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