IDF strikes targets in Rafah despite Hamas accepting ceasefire proposal

Hamas has accepted a ceasefire proposal brokered by Egypt and Qatar to end the seven-month conflict with Israel. Despite this, Israel has announced it will continue its operations in Gaza.

Hamas’ announcement comes as the Israeli military issued an evacuation order to 100,000 Palestinians in the southern city of Rafah.

Palestinians could be seen celebrating on the streets of Rafah following the news of Hamas agreeing to a ceasefire proposal.

What we know so far
Tel Aviv to send delegation to Egypt
Saudi Arabia reacts to Rafah operation
Israeli military says it is striking Hamas targets in eastern Rafah
Demonstrators in Tel Aviv call on the Israeli government to agree to a hostage deal
US President Joe Biden has been briefed on Hamas’ response in ongoing ceasefire talks, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said, adding only that the US and its partners were still reviewing that response.
IDF: We continue our operations in the Gaza Strip
Turkish President Erdogan welcomes the statement by the Hamas
An official familiar with Israeli thinking says Israeli officials are examining the ceasefire proposal approved by Hamas. But the official warns that the plan approved by Hamas “is not the framework Israel proposed.”
Al Jazeera: Proposal would include three phases
US: We’re reviewing Hamas’ response
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