Firefighter killed, ICE train derails as catastrophic flooding continues in southern Germany

Bavaria’s state premier Markus Söder described the flooding as a “catastrophe” but praied cooperation between the police, fire service and Red Cross.

Rescue operations have continued in southern Germany as heavy rain continues to lash the region, causing floodwaters to rise and prompting the evacuation of thousands of residents.

Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria have been particularly badly affected with several communities subject to state of emergency orders and in some cases entire villages evacuated.

Meteorologists estimate that some areas have received more rainfall in 24 hours that they normally average across a month.

Visiting one of the towns affected, Germany’s vice chancellor Robert Habeck said the death of a firefighter reported on Sunday had knocked him off his feet.

This is a disaster and it is a catastrophe. This flood is an extreme danger to homes and farms.

 Markus Söder
Minister-President of Bavaria

“This situation, like so many others, is really dangerous and can not only cost life and limb, but in this case has already cost a life. I wish the family and all relatives as much strength as possible during this difficult time,” he said.

He was accompanied by Bavaria’s premier Markus Söder who said the situation in his state was a “catastrophe”.

“Many have extreme problems, have to leave their homes, electricity is out, belongings are at risk and we have already lost lives. The cooperation between the fire department, police, Red Cross and THW has been excellent. We would also like to thank the German Armed Forces and the federal government for their support in providing assistance,” he said.

Parts of the city of Reichertshofen submerged due to widespread flooding, June 2, 2024
Parts of the city of Reichertshofen submerged due to widespread flooding, June 2, 2024Sven Hoppe/(c) Copyright 2024, dpa ( Alle Rechte vorbehalten

Meanwhile, a long-distance train derailed after the ground under a section of track collapsed near the town of Schwäbisch Gmünd in Baden-Württemberg.

After derailing, the train was then hit by a landslide. The train had been diverted to the route where the accident occurred to avoid flooding elsewhere on the line.

Deutsche Bahn said 185 passengers were on board, but none were hurt.

The German rail operator has warned of extensive cancellations and delays across the network, with traffic disrupted on routes including those from Munich to Berlin, Stuttgart and the Swiss city of Zürich.

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