Enschede councillors back €1,000 fine for dumping rubbish

Rubbish & Bikes
Rubbish & Bikes

City councillors in Enschede have voted in a favour of a plan to tackle litter which includes a €1,000 fine for people who drop waste in the street.

VVD councillor Malkis Jajan came up with the plan after holidaying on the island of Singapore which has a reputation for being extremely clean, thanks to its tough approach to litter and fines equivalent to €410.

“We want Enschede to be the cleanest city in Europe but we are not there yet because people throw all sorts of stuff on the street,” Jajan told local broadcaster Omroep Oost.

The current fines, says Jajan, are too low to have any impact, which is why he wants to increase the upper limit to €1,000. People who cannot pay would serve a community service sentence instead.

His plan was backed by local parties, Christian parties, the SP and far right PVV at a council meeting on Monday night.

However, putting the higher fines into practice will first require approval from national government given it sets fines and the current maximum for littering is €160.

“Litter is a problem throughout the country,” Jajan said. “Let us see if a high fine actually works in Enschede.”

Jajan also wants local council wardens to do more to combat litter, saying last year they only handed out 12 fines. “That is not their fault, it is council policy,” he said. “They are now busy handing out fines for parking in the wrong place.”

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